Rhode Island Breast Cancer Coalition is the State's only Breast Cancer ADVOCACY Organization


Weight loss program for women
who have had breast cancer

There are many diets you can use to lose weight. This program uses a plant based olive oil diet that is based upon foods that could improve your health and decrease your risk of future chronic diseases. You will receive a meal plan, recipes and tips that will help you achieve long term weight management. This diet was developed for a research study for women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer and in need of weight loss. The women in this study lost more weight with this diet than with a low fat diet and they said they found the food tasty, the recipes were simple to prepare and inexpensive.

Location: The Miriam Hospital

Time: This program will have 8 meetings over a 12 week period. The meetings will last about 45 minutes. A different topic will be discussed each week.

When: groups start every couple of months. Please call if you are interested to find out when the next group is starting.

Cost: $120.00. Some health insurance programs may cover ‘medically necessary weight loss’. Please call the customer service number on your insurance card and ask what you have for coverage for nutrition counseling. If you are planning to use your health insurance, I would need to know that in advance to set it up. I would also need to know what condition (hypertension, high blood cholesterol or triglycerides) you would like me to use for the disease code when I enter you in the computer. I can help you determine this if you are not sure of this.

Contact: Mary M. Flynn, PhD, RD, LDN



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