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October 2015 - National Breast Cancer Month

In recognition of National Breast Cancer Month, The RIBCC presents a collection of recent articles from The Oncologist related to the diagnosis, treatment, and pathology of breast cancer.

This collection covers diverse topics of interest, including advances in genomic testing, biomarker analyses, and molecular classification, as well as treatment-related side effects and a short series on breast cancer in men.


Long-Term Follow-Up of Chemotherapy-Induced Ovarian Failure in Young Breast Cancer Patients: The Role of Vascular Toxicity
Irit Ben-Aharon, Tal Granot, Israel Meizner, Noa Hasky, Ana Tobar, Shulamith Rizel, Rinat Yerushalmi, Avi Ben-Haroush, Benjamin Fisch, and Salomon M. Stemmer

Prospective Biomarker Analysis of the Randomized CHER-LOB Study Evaluating the Dual Anti-HER2 Treatment With Trastuzumab and Lapatinib Plus Chemotherapy as a Neoadjuvant Therapy for HER2-Positive Breast Cancer
Valentina Guarneri, Maria Vittoria Dieci, Antonio Frassoldati, Antonino Maiorana, Guido Ficarra, Stefania Bettelli, Enrico Tagliafico, Silvio Bicciato, Daniele Giulio Generali, Katia Cagossi, Giancarlo Bisagni, Samanta Sarti, Antonino Musolino, Catherine Ellis, Rocco Crescenzo, and PierFranco Conte

Diastolic Dysfunction Following Anthracycline-Based Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer Patients: Incidence and Predictors
José M. Serrano, Iria González, Silvia Del Castillo, Javier Muñiz, Luis J. Morales, Fernando Moreno, Rosa Jiménez, Carmen Cristóbal, Catherine Graupner, Pedro Talavera, Alejandro Curcio, Paula Martínez, Juan A. Guerra, and Joaquín J. Alonso

Prospective Clinical Utility Study of the Use of the 21-Gene Assay in Adjuvant Clinical Decision Making in Women With Estrogen Receptor-Positive Early Invasive Breast Cancer
Joseph Gligorov, Xavier B. Pivot, William Jacot, Hervé L. Naman, Dominique Spaeth, Jean-Louis Misset, Rémy Largillier, Jean-Loup Sautiere, Anne de Roquancourt, Christophe Pomel, Philippe Rouanet, Roman Rouzier, Frederique M. Penault-Llorca, for the Francilian Breast Intergroup

Molecular Phenotype of Breast Cancer According to Time Since Last Pregnancy in a Large Cohort of Young Women
Laura C. Collins, Shari Gelber, Jonathan D. Marotti, Sarah White, Kathryn Ruddy, Elena F. Brachtel, Lidia Schapira, Steven E. Come, Virginia F. Borges, Pepper Schedin, Ellen Warner, Taylor Wensley, Rulla M. Tamimi, Eric P. Winer, and Ann H. Partridge

BRCAPRO 6.0 Model Validation in Male Patients Presenting for BRCA Testing
Zahi I. Mitri, Michelle Jackson, Carolyn Garby, Juhee Song, Sharon H. Giordano, Gabriel N. Hortobágyi, Claire N. Singletary, S. Shahrukh Hashmi, Banu K. Arun, and Jennifer K. Litton

Defining Breast Cancer Intrinsic Subtypes by Quantitative Receptor Expression
Maggie C.U. Cheang, Miguel Martin, Torsten O. Nielsen, Aleix Prat, David Voduc, Alvaro Rodriguez-Lescure, Amparo Ruiz, Stephen Chia, Lois Shepherd, Manuel Ruiz-Borrego, Lourdes Calvo, Emilio Alba, Eva Carrasco, Rosalia Caballero, Dongsheng Tu, Kathleen I. Pritchard, Mark N. Levine, Vivien H. Bramwell, Joel Parker, Philip S. Bernard, Matthew J. Ellis, Charles M. Perou, Angelo Di Leo, and Lisa A. Carey

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Rhode Island Breast Cancer Coalition's home on the web. The information posted here has been gathered to help you become better informed about the messages heard from the many diversified voices in the world of breast cancer. We also hope that we can encourage you to become an active participant in the movement for breast cancer advocacy.

The RI Breast Cancer Coalition advocates are committed to supporting and promoting the Breast Cancer Deadline 2020 Campaign initiated by the National Breast Cancer Coalition.  We believe this Deadline can be met and we are fully engaged in its efforts to identify a vaccine to prevent breast cancer and research to identify why and how the disease spreads to other organs causing metastatic disease which women ultimately causes a woman’s death.

Integral to the success of Breast Cancer Deadline 2020 is a change in the conversation about breast cancer. Media, advocates, survivors, researchers, policy makers and others must be educated in order to shift the essential public dialogue about breast cancer from awareness and mammography to prevention and saving lives.

Leaders in government, industry and all areas are being urged to embrace the Deadline with courage and conviction and make ending breast cancer a priority.  Members of the RI Breast Cancer Coalition are interacting with our Congressional  Delegation in Washington DC to push for appropriate policies and discussions about breast cancer. Strategies include a petition drive, the design of legislation that compliments the campaign and advocacy efforts that secure declarations of support from policy leaders.

The Accelerating the End of Breast Cancer Act has been introduced in the US Senate by Sen.  Sheldon Whitehouse and in the House of Representatives as well.

One of the primary objectives of Breast Cancer Deadline 10120 is to facilitate collaboration in all areas of research and minimize unnecessary competition.  NBCC is leading an effort to encourage all stakeholders involved in research, particularly the scientific community, to work together to create synergy and develop partnerships to advance the pace if research.  

Breast Cancer Deadline 2020 has one goal: By January 1, 2020, we must understand how to prevent people from getting breast cancer in the first place and how to prevent them from dying from the disease.  Breast cancer advocates are engaged throughout the process to make certain that location, economic status, and societal factors are not barriers to access. NBCC provides survivors and other advocates the education, tools, training and actions that enable us to take leadership roles in clinical, scientific, policy and legislative decision making that affects breast cancer research and public policy.

We invite YOU to become a trained breast cancer advocate and participate in ending this disease for the next generation.  Ribbons, races and walks will never end breast cancer.  WANTED: Assertive, committed, individuals not satisfied with the status quo and willing to push the envelope and demand actions to end breast cancer by the end of the decade.    

Thank you,
    Rhode Island Breast Cancer Coalition
    National Breast Cancer Coalition


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When: groups start every couple of months.
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Breakthrough Designation

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Affordable Health Care Act

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At the heart of it I would give you
The threads of all that made this cloth….
The blaze of the sugar maples in late afternoon, fallen leaves, paling, turning brown,crackling around our ankles as we scuffed long.

The smell of fires in the Saturday dusk,
Our fathers in plaid woolen shirts lean on
their rakes…contemplating their kingdoms with satisfied eyes.
Behind steamy kitchen windows
our mothers, benevolent in homemade shirtwaists and aprons stand watch.

Come home when the lamps come on.

We learned to watch for the softening of
the day,
The easing into dark.
Just at the hour when edges fade,
the streetlamps would send us home.

An original poem by Joy Veaudry, RIBCC member and trained breast cancer advocate. Joy died after a long struggle with her diagnosis and metastatic disease. She had 2 books of poetry published. This reading is from her book "A Clear Path Home".







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